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Receive Shoot The Bank assets (first serial) for each purchase. You’ve bought an artwork for a certain amount in euros, dollars* (or bitcoins) and you want to obtain your assets? Write to me: head@shootthebank.com.”

*exemple: 1000usd/1000e of Shoot The Bank art is =1000 assets. 4000usd/4000e of Shoot The Bank Art is =4000 assets, etc…

Details of assets: type: Shoot The Bank Serial 1. Supply 10 000. XChain

How? Create your Counterwallet* to receive your assets ‘Shoot The Bank’.

*Counterwallet is a free web-wallet for Bitcoin and Counterparty, the world’s first protocol for decentralized financial tools.


What is the ‘Shoot The Bank’ Asset? The ‘Shoot The Bank’ Asset is a continuation of my creative work, both artistically and in terms of value creation and commitment to a loyal community to whom I send ‘assets’ in digital form in a specific ecosystem, which is the blockchain. In addition to the characteristics of creating them with XChain and Counterparty, there is a commitment on my part through the choice of platforms and wallets used. The supply is 10,000 units for the very first series in order to be able to use and send them to the most loyal customers, collectors, friends of the community, and to benefit those close to the Shoot The Bank project. There is no mercantile purpose or desire to turn it into something speculative, but simply to benefit those interested in their commitment by supporting the project at an individual level. Either by purchasing the Asset in a desired quantity. Or by obtaining them after the purchase of a physical Shoot The Bank artwork. And thus receiving them for the value in dollars or euros of the purchase. No limit is set. The distribution of Shoot The Bank Assets will take place as encounters, friendships, and collectors who want to participate in a historic and independent project like Shoot The Bank, which has been in existence since 2009, the year of the creation of Bitcoin.

Digitally traceable NFT COA (Certificate of Authenticity) for original artwork ‘Shoot The Bank’. Some sold at Scarce City will be registered on XChain and accessible through Counterwallet. Exemple on XChain


NEW: Find the Shoot The Bank artworks on Scarce City. Contact them, buy directly or bid in BTC through Scarce City. You can also sign up for the mailing list to stay updated on Shoot The Bank sales. Scarce City


Shoot the Bank – Art that denounces the banking crisis

For years, the world has been facing a banking crisis that has shaken the very foundations of the financial system. Governments had to pump billions into banks to save them from bankruptcy, while ordinary citizens were left behind.

Shoot The Bank, committed, has chosen to denounce this situation through its art. With his series he uses the power of the blockchain to create a unique and censorship-resistant work of art.

By purchasing a “Shoot the Bank” NFT, you own a piece of this digital artwork, while supporting the artist in the fight against the banking crisis. Each NFT is a symbol of resistance against a financial system that no longer serves the interests of the people.

Join the movement and discover the committed art of JP Malot on www.jpmalot.com. Buy your “Shoot the Bank” NFT now and be part of the revolution that will change the financial world forever.

Remember, art has always been a way to denounce injustices and make your voice heard. “Shoot the Bank” continues this tradition and invites everyone to take part in this fight for a fairer and more equitable financial system.

Written with Chat GPT and in test link today online on Opensea.

Titre: Shoot the Bank – L’art qui dénonce la crise bancaire

Depuis des années, le monde est confronté à une crise bancaire qui a secoué les fondements mêmes du système financier. Les gouvernements ont dû injecter des milliards dans les banques pour les sauver de la faillite, tandis que les citoyens ordinaires ont été laissés pour compte.

Shoot The Bank, engagé, a choisi de dénoncer cette situation à travers son art. Avec sa série il utilise le pouvoir de la blockchain pour créer une œuvre d’art unique et résistante à la censure.

En achetant un NFT “Shoot the Bank”, vous possédez une partie de cette œuvre d’art numérique, tout en soutenant l’artiste dans la lutte contre la crise bancaire. Chaque NFT est un symbole de la résistance contre un système financier qui ne sert plus les intérêts du peuple.

Rejoignez le mouvement et découvrez l’art engagé de JP Malot sur www.jpmalot.com. Achetez votre NFT “Shoot the Bank” dès maintenant et faites partie de la révolution qui changera le monde financier pour toujours.

N’oubliez pas, l’art a toujours été un moyen de dénoncer les injustices et de faire entendre sa voix. “Shoot the Bank” continue cette tradition et invite chacun à prendre part à cette lutte pour un système financier plus juste et équitable.

Ecrit avec amour et Chat GPT // lien test aujourd’hui sur Opensea.

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