Since 2008, following the banking crisis Since the subprimes, ‘Shoot The Bank’ has scoured the big cities to display their street art. The main subject is the abuse of finance and the supremacy of banks. Over the years, his work can be found in major cities such as Paris, Marseille, London, Berlin, Beijing, Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, Malaga, Ibiza, Napoli, Lisboa, Lagos, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Edinburgh…

Street art

Find on the ‘Street art’ page some street works. Soon a classification to come by cities and by country… On the program: collages, stencils, serigraphs and graffitis. And also Bitcoin sculptures and colorful pop grenades… Soon, game to follow with grenades… Fans of ‘airdrops’ to your mobile phone! In the meantime, sign up for the mailing. The site is currently being redesigned!

Exhibition PLAN ‘B’ Forum LUGANO Oct. 20-21
‘Goldman Sachs, la banque qui dirige le monde’ ARTE
Beijing 2014
London 2017
Paris 2014
Meetup Bitcoin Paris 2022
Palma 2011
Palma Maillorca 2012
Barcelona 2014
Malaga 2011
Shoot The Bank Art shop BIG CARTEL
Napoli 2016
Airdrop ‘BOUM’ la grenade 2023
Fondation Cartier 2009
Paris 2016
Berlin 2011
London 2023
Glasgow 2011
Beijing 2014
Marseille 2014
Ibiza 2011
Stencil art
T-shirt Bitcoin Bankable
T-shirt Shoot The Bank

Art for collectors.

Art on paper, serigraphs, paintings, Bitcoin sculptures… Collect the ‘Shoot The Bank’ artworks. Availability of historical artworks & new creations. Contact me: or visit founder website // artworks photos //

screen prints



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